Sidewalk Suitcase Surfing
Direction, Producition
Client: Rimowa
Year: 2019

Via i-D Magazine: When a fleet of Rimowa luggage is given to a group of skateboarders in ground zero (San Diego) for skate culture, you’d probably expect not much beyond youthful playfulness and irreverence towards the elevated products being advertised. For Rimowa’s ‘as seen by series”, Julian Klincewicz used Super 8 sneak a touch of elegance into this youthful concept.

Director/DP: Julian Klincewicz
Photo Assistant: Irie Calkins
Art Director (Rimowa): Yannis Henrion
Producer (Rimowa): Walandi Apoussidis
Producer (Swish): Edwin Negado

Creative Agency: Be Good Studio

Cambryan Sedlick
Jacob Scarpuzzi
Nico De La Fuente

Music: Julian Klincewicz